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Freedom at last!

woohoo! Alhamdullillah, i finished my last paper today! wasn’t happy about it but still, i’ve finished! gosh, it’s unbelievable how fast the time pass. it’s the end of the semester already!

i have to be honest. though, adelaide wasn’t my first university choice, coming here was the very thing that i think i was blessed with. i mean, apart from Islam, family and good health and everything….. eh, you know what i mean.

it’s only been 4 months since i came, but i have learn loads, be it academics or socials. but i think, the most significant thing that i learn would much lean towards my social life.

i learn that, your friend will not always be your friend forever. i mean, sure, friend stays, but i think i’ve lost one of mine this semester. rest assured that the friendship is still intact except that it is now not the same like before.

and i too learn that karma really exist. okay, scratch that. not karma. just, good people DO get their rewards. sure, pain and obstacles came along the way but the end result is purely satisfying.

good friends don’t come easy too. being in adelaide makes me think that, should i not be surrounded by these people, i don’t know what i would’ve become now. and somehow i think i’m getting better by day… with the occasional lazing around of course. eh, not occasional, everytime.
but being around the people that i’m surrounded with, i think i’m a better person than i was before. i learn more about Islam than i could’ve ever learn during my high school years put together. sure, we get As in PI and everything, but we never really go all out in understanding this pure, beautiful religion.

suddenly it hit me, i think i was MEANT to be here. it’s like i’ve been lead to lead a life that will someday make me achieve our ultimate goal; the after life. =). and to think of how i’ve been dragged into this community (yes, dragged) i think i am reallyyy grateful that i was.

i mean, i remember when Kak Izzati asked me to go to the Autumn Gath this year, i almost did not go. being someone’s only companion i only go to places if she goes. but then, as i have said before, something dragged me to go. and from that day onwards everything changed for the better. i started attending usrahs, liqas and i started meeting new people. i start understanding the meaning behind every line that we recites everyDAY. and it amazes me that EVERY single thing that we do, from fasting, solat, hajj are all in THERE. i mean, i know it’s IN there, but when you finally understand what you were reading it makes much more sense, like, the feeling after you discover a gold mine. like, “look2! it’s really there!” sorta thing.

and i prayed that the light that has been shone on me will keep shining brighter with each passing day. Ameen. Salam. =)



of cheesecake and handphone.

i’m fricking bored.

anyway, funny thing happened yesterday. phbtttt. not funny, scary.

so i went to get my long longed cheesecake at the cheesecake shop (??).

obviously i got my cheesecake and later i went over to a friend’s. and when the time came for me to go back home i realised that my phone wasn’t in my pocket. and btw, that’s the second time that i’ve lost my stuff at their house.

the last thing that i lost at their place was my room keys, which in the end turned up to be in my jeans pocket all along. so, they made sure i double, triple, whatever-ple checked my pocket. sheesh. paranoid gle ok? lol. but who can blame them.

so, after we made sure it WASN’T in my pocket we went back retracing my steps. got back to the cheesecake shop (seriously, the shop name IS ‘The Cheesecake Shop’) and the counter girl saw me and said “i have your phone” . lol. i was like really grateful that it was there cos if i lost it i’d have to get a new handphone that practically everyone in Australia has (free phone).

sooo, in conclusion i love my phone. 😛

reminds me of what my mum used to say, ‘if the things on your body don’t stick to you, i think you’d left them everywhere too.’ isk. sooo true. she’d flip if i tell her that i almost lost this phone. phone baru tuhhh.

and phhh…. i’m still frickin boreDDDD. BDA exam coming. good luck me!


one more to go and i’m done!

errr… unless if i have to sit for sup. :P. hopefully not.

so, anyways, i think i’m gonna start thinking of what to do during my winter hibernation. i planned to go to melbourne with the others. but somehow, financial problem is kinda holding me back. i’m not sure yet.

i called mum this morning. she took the day off to send Mak to the hospital. i talked to Mak this morning. she didn’t sound good at all. that kinda set my mood back for a while during the exam. i hope she’s all right. she can barely walk now. and my heart always pray that should He take her away from me, let me be by her side when that happen cos i’m not sure i can handle that well not seeing her for the last time. and i missed home so much.

i can’t wait for december. shouldn’t be long now. 6 more months and i’m good to go. sigh. i gtg. i’m kinda tired.


Today’s Reminder

“If we suspect ill of others and maybe because that very illness is within ourselves. The truly pious are the ones who see the best in everyone while they consider themselves the worst. because when you can see yourself the worst then you can’t feel superior over anyone.” Baba Ali.

The best reminder ever.


2 down, 2 to go.

IS, Information System. huhu. i’ll be happy to just pass or maybe be able to take the sup. anyways, i’m so excited. can’t wait for tomorrow to end. cos then i can enjoy myself for a while before i start studying again. weeee. =D


running away.

funny isn’t it how life works. i got the feeling that whenever other people are in trouble they came to me like a moth to a flame. they poured and poured and POURED and i listened and replied.

i have no problem with that. neither do i need something back as a return. but sometimes i too have problems but no one seem to care. it’s like the first thing you utter ‘i have a problem’ and they run away like a fire evacuation drill. it’s like they’re the only ones who can have problems.

and fyi, that hurts more than the problem. people are really mean sometimes.

and it hurts more when u think that THE people care but they actually don’t. kinda like ripping your heart hurt. it’s like when i tell something they’ll be like ‘oh, ehhhhhh, why?’ *walks away*.

i should stop caring so much about other people. or maybe should stop listening altogether. sheesh. whatever.


One down, three to go.

Well, i did my economics paper just now for three longgg hours.

i don’t know how it went but i definitely had done the paper with the utmost ease in my mind for as long as exams go. i didn’t know quite some stuffs.. oh heck.. most of the stuffs, but i was utterly relaxed and peaceful. =)

So, Liza and i took the tram at Vic Square to get to the exam place. we kinda had to walk a bit after that.

Gosh, when i first step into the ground i was reallyyyy overwhelmed because they were hundredssS of students already there to take their exams. even the UniSA students were there too! so, i kind of start panicking seeing so many bobbing heads and with people reading books all around, my heart felt like jumping out.

the exam hall was a ONE HUGEEE hall. like a show room that can fit 50, scratch that, 100 monster trucks. so there were like tiny tiny heads around sitting for different exam at different areas. kinda disturbing though because you sort of can’t hear what the invigilators were saying cos the room was so big. but Alhamdullilah, the nervousness kinda died down when i opened the paper and i think all of the calm and peace come from Him.

3 more papers to go and i hope i’ll do allright. I’d be happy with just a pass – 4 passes alltogether. =). I’ll work harder for the 2nd semester. Tata!


Friendster Account Officially Deleted.

A lightning hit, and i thought that was for the best. i broke down a few hours ago, not knowing what was the cause. maybe the anticipation of the exam tomorrow. so, since my account was deleted, there goes my blog. and i felt the need to write. so i came here and set up a new one.

thinking of telling people about this blog? hurmmm… we’ll see.

so here i am, back again writing when i’m supposed to be studying. but what can i do? my brain’s blocked.

but i think i got to go now. i need to work while i still can. i’m not giving up.

momentary break down has passed and this beast is back on her feet.