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Melbourne 2007 Winter Trip

I know so many people have written about the trip in their blogs and i’m not gonna write anything more than they did cause i’m feeling lazy anyway. So, as a man once said (or is it a woman? :P) that a picture says a thousand words, here are a few pictures to sum up what i want to write. :P.

Theme : Ukhwah and Sacrifice. (i think it sounds a LOT better in Malay) Ukhwah dan Pengorbanan.
Theme Song : Firdaus feat Cat & Akbar – Ku Berlari.

Yarra River

It’s OUR snowman!

Errr. A firey thingy (??). It was such a big deal when we were there and it only fires up once every hour. So we took the picture when it fires up anyway. It was preTTy cool. 😀

Having lunch at BISMI. One of the things that make you envy the people in Melbourne. Halal restaurants are everywhere! No fair!

Tobogganing. LOL. This was sooo much fun!

After 3 hours of grueling labor work; piling snow and shaping it; we proudly present – Kak NikSha the snow woman! 😀

Erk… proving a point that i was there? 😛

Fun is only a 3-letter-word. Solat makes all the difference in the world.


and after 5 days…

So, the 2nd semester officially started on Monday. 🙂 Here’s my timetable. kewl eh? though there is no more one-free-day, my classes all finish before 1 on Wed, Thurs and Friday. anyways, gotta go. need to read up stuffs for tutorials. tata!