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2 in 1

2 tests in one day makes alia really2 sad. :,(. isk3

best! Alhamdullillah, sebab sumer soklan da ade kat past year paper. tinggal bulat jawapan je. weee! πŸ˜€

Business Finance II:
Bukak2 paper nih yang saye nampak :


dari awal sampai la habes. huhu. jadi, seperti yang dijangkakan, berlakula adegan tembak menembak bisu. dan juga beberape pengeboman dan pemanahan yang tiada sasaran. harap je ade 2 calculator, satu pon tak membantu. alih2 buat perhiasan dan permainan tekan2 nombor. seb bek redeemable. haihhh. takpe. berusaha lagi. chaiyokkkk!



frightening similarity…

i know blogging isn’t what i am suppose to do right now but i really need to pen this one down.

i just found myself rather similar to someone whom i still think hates me. personality wise. well, through writing, at least. sigh. the downside of blogging.

yeesh. disturbing betul. ok, back to macro.


Post2 yang sgt menarik. (credits to FUSSILAT and dagreatest_dignity)

credit for “penumpang”

“ade org post kat comment. aku forward ke front page.(ni bukan siri menghentam org tgk bola, tp nk bg org yg xtau paper sedar sket PRIORITY).

Penumpang said..
“Nak tumpang sat.. tolong post benda ni leh? macam best..

England punyai ramai peminat
Tetapi mereka kecewa awal pagi Ahad
Setelah Rooney kena red card
Beckham pula digantikan minit ke 64
Tiga sepakan penalti Ricardo dapat selamat
Tak masuk penalti Gerrard dan Lampard
Kemaraan England berjaya Portugal sekat
Nak buat macam mana bola itu bulat

Brazil pun keluar dari Piala Dunia
Senyap sekejap tarian samba
Zainudin Zaidan bukan sebarang tua
Tak dapat ditandingi Kaka dan Gilberto Silva
Henry sepak masuk gol separuh masa kedua
Manakala tendangan Ronaldo tersasar belaka
Habis peminat Brazil marah kat Carlos Alberto Pareira

Amboi amboi rancak sungguh sembang bola
Sehingga kita terlupa dan juga leka
Rakyat Palestin diserang hebat Israel durjana
Bedilan demi bedilan ke atas Semenanjung Gaza
Israel nak hapuskan Palestin dari peta dunia
Rakyat Israel 2 juta Arab ada 200 juta
Tapi 200 juta tak bisa buat apa-apa
Apa yang kita nak jawab kat Allah Azzawajalla
Kenapa kita biarkan saudara kita disiksa
Kenapa kita tidak mempunyai perasaan apa-apa
Kenapa kita sangggup berjaga malam tengok bola
Dan tidak sanggup bangun malam memohon doa
Doa supaya Allah beri kekuatan kepada kita
Membantu segala apa yang kita terdaya
Berjihad dijalan Allah dengan jiwa dan harta
Dan doa yang penting ialah selamatkan alAqsa
Salah satu masjid yang dekat dengan sanubari kita.”


here’s another spot on post. credits to dagreatest_dignity.
gosh, i saw the vid too but i waste no time in finishing it because i was immediately distracted when i saw the number of responses for the video. so i scrolled down to see what was written down and i was reallYY shocked to see the hate and bashing comments. sheesh people, wake up! can’t you just be grateful that you’re now living in a peaceful nation, granted with a few politic fights here and there. but, come on! do you realise how much that video could jeopardize the relationship between races and religions in our country? the one that we fought so hard to work on? yeesh. da la kat you tube. and it’s constantly at the ‘now viewing’ section plak tuh. buat malu je. eh, lebey2 plak. sile2 bace post di bawah.


Our Sensitivity on negarakuku~


“Is it wrong 2 sing that song in such way??…d answer depend on u guys..”

Initially, I was so shocked to see that video has been uploaded in u tube..but when i try 2 remember from d past events …i noe diz must a result of human acts…we develop our own laws…but to wut extend d laws ll b flawless??…human oways hve weaknesses but oso hve uniqueness…hmm..

forget bout it…bck to d main point k..=D

to Malaysian…

We r Malaysian, but do we realize that our cultures are shaped by d past laws…let’s look bck at d past, since our country reached her great day (independent day) we r free to think in our own ways rather than following d British’s doctrines…

But one thing for sure…our law hve been influenced by British’s law as we r now apart of commonwealth countries…but dun worry coz diz is only law n human can change it anytime they want (by voting and watsoever)..d most important thing is how we develop ourselves as we hve the voters’ power…


Our country is reflecting our own identity, in a simple clause…”individuals wif a great identity has potential to produce a great nation too” (so let’s same2 bkerja ) =P…

so sempena MErDEka day yg x lame lagi…jom same2 reflect ourselves whether our internal heart has been independent or not..huhu~

about d song ..lupekan la..but diz shud be a reminder for us to treat each other fairly n maintain our cultural integrity…(so pesanan buat diri ini dan sesiape yg sudi membace–Jom work hard for our country and dun make others have chance to label us as ‘pemalas’ as mentioned in d song…

n to all muslims…dun let our Islamic identity to fade away…we shud preserve it …Islam oso promotes cultural integrity, so if we r on d opposite side let’s check bck the Islamic teachings.. r we in d parallel way??


i wish i were invisible…

oh, wait a minute, wait a minute, i already am!!! >=P
A day should be made to celebrate invisible people around.

oh, look2! it’s the invisible princess, with his invisible prince and their invisible horses! phbttt.


How about no concerts at all?


Stefani Covers Up for Malaysian Debut

American singer Gwen Stefani covered up for her concert in Malaysia on Tuesday, after agreeing to tone down her act following complaints from Muslim students. The Aviator star had never played in capital city Kuala Lumpur before and was careful not to upset locals who were concerned her dance moves and dress would be inappropriate for the province. Stefani instead wowed the audience of 7,000 by wearing a different outfit for each song.


Gwen Stefani is a good girl in Malaysia, just as she promised

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Gwen Stefani was a good girl, just like she promised.

The American pop singer wowed fans in Muslim-majority Malaysia, dressed demurely to show virtually no skin after Islamic critics claimed that her revealing clothes could corrupt the country’s youth.

“I am very inspired tonight. … It is great to be here again,” Stefani, 37, told some 7,000 cheering, screaming fans Tuesday at an indoor stadium on the latest leg of her Sweet Escape world tour.

“The Sweet Escape” was her first song after she burst onto the stage, wearing a black leotard under a white short-sleeved shirt and black-and-white striped hot pants suit, with black gloves up to her elbows.

She changed costumes for every song β€” putting on a cape once and tying a cloth around her waist like a skirt β€” but made sure she was fully covered while she belted out “Rich Girl,” “Wind it Up,” and “Hollaback Girl” among others.

International media photographers were not allowed to take pictures at the concert for copyright reasons. Fans had to leave their cameras outside.

Stefani had promised before the concert to dress modestly after the 10,000-member National Union of Malaysian Muslim Students protested against the concert, claiming her fashion sense and cheeky performances clash with Islamic values.

The opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party also accused Stefani of promoting promiscuity and corrupting the country’s youth.

But most fans in the stadium thought the protesters had gone overboard with their criticism.

“I think they were making a big ho-ha for no reason. Even the local artists, they dress even much worse, much more indecent,” said Denise Chan, a 15-year-old ethnic Chinese. (ho-ha?!?!?)

About 60 percent of Malaysia’s 26 million people are Malay Muslims, while ethnic Chinese β€” who are Christians and Buddhists β€” make up 25 percent. Ethnic Indians β€” most of them Hindus β€” are about 10 percent.

While Islam is the official religion, Malaysia does not consider itself a theocratic Islamic country.

Malaysia’s government guidelines for public performances require a female artist to cover up from the top of her chest to her knees, including shoulders. No jumping, shouting or throwing of objects on stage or at the audience is allowed. Performers may not hug or kiss, and their clothes must not have obscene or drug-related images or messages. (????)

A local company that organized a Pussycat Dolls concert last year was fined 10,000 ringgit (US$2,857; €2,100) after the American girl group was found to have flouted decency regulations.

In an interview with the local entertainment magazine Galaxie, Stefani said she made a lot of changes to her concert just for Malaysia, calling it a “major sacrifice.”

“I’ve been in the music industry for 20 years and this is the first time that I’m facing opposition from people who have misunderstood me,” Stefani was quoted as saying.

“I’m not a bad girl,” she said.



Human Relations.

I found this on someone else’s blog and thought that i could copy and paste it into the blog as a reminder to myself. πŸ™‚ Credits to “Langkah Kanan“. Thank you very much.

Tips in improving Human Relations:

1. Treat everyone with respect and dignity
2. Always try to see the other person’s point of view. Avoid
sarcastic remarks.
3. Seek out the good in people.
4. Be a good listener; never interrupt.
5. Accept constructive criticism.
6. Admit your mistakes.
7. Never lose your temper.
8. Share ideas, skills, experiences and pertinent information.
9. Speak positively of others or not at all.
10. Be loyal to others.
11. Treat people equitably.
12. Assist others in their growth and development.
13. Give honest and sincere appreciation.
14. Call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly.
15. Concentrate on the relationship, not the person’s
16. Ignore minor irritations.
17. If you must find fault, begin with praise.
18. Smile.
19. Create a win – win situation.
20. Never argue; nobody ever wins an argument.

(Langkah Kanan, August 12 2007)

Yesterday we started going through surah ‘Abasa, 80:1-16. This surah tells us about a story of The Prophet (pbuh) who turned his head away from a blind man (Ibn Umm Maktum) who wants to learn more about Islam, to preach to people of higher authority. Therefore, Allah sent down this surah to advice The Prophet of his actions of treating the blind man with indifference.

We discussed a few points of what this surah was trying to tell us. We came up with a few good ones but i actually had ONE particular moral in mind that did not come out of my mouth because i was kind of speechless. I’m not sure if anyone think of it the way i did, but i almost cried yesterday thinking, Subhanallah, if The Prophet yang bersifat maksum pun was reminded of his actions of treating people with indifference, imagine, how many times have i done that to other people; being so judgmental; thinking that one is so much better than the other and not considering that the only thing that Allah always look at oneself are his/her intentions and what’s inside. This mentality of judging other people (‘classing people’, i should say) brings me to my favorite reminder of all time,

Reminds me a story of two people meeting in fajr time. One was returning from prayer while the other was returning from a night of shameful activities. Both of them look at each other, assuming that the other was spending the night as they themselves had. Makes you think, if we suspect ill of others, maybe because that very illness is within ourselves. The truly pious are the ones who see the best in everyone while they consider themselves the worst. because when you can see yourself the worst then you can’t feel superior over anyone.” (Baba Ali, 2007)

I don’t know if you can relate it back to the surah or not because i think you can only feel it only if you’ve done it to others. Astaghfirullah. =,( .

and I just want to say sorry to anyone who has felt like i’ve treated them like that. i really didn’t mean it. i’ll try to change, i promise.


p/s: ‘Abasa, 80 interpretation. I’m sorry i wasn’t able to tell about the whole surah first before i got to my point. Rest assured that The Prophet’s (pbuh) action in preaching to the people of higher authority has a reason and can be simplified to this, “When a caller to Truth embarks on his mission of conveying his message to the people, he naturally wants the most influential people of society to accept his message so that his task becomes easy, for even if his invitation spreads among the poor and weak people, it cannot make much difference.” The Prophet’s (pbuh) intention was very noble to begin with, Subhanallah. The link provided is a good interpretation of the surah. Thank you. πŸ™‚


i officially admit, i can’t CAN’T CAN’T write when i am happy. πŸ™‚

today wasn’t like any other happy happy day. it was one of the worst, i dare say.

but Subhanallah, He gave me the utmost peace of mind I’ve had in yearsSS.


and i am happy to say I’ve been feeling like this for quite a while now.

and i can only smile widely when someone entered the lecture theater today asking “Has GOD failed?”.



I learn today that…

1) Allah knows best.
2) you cannot always get what you want. even if you have your heart in the right place
3) you can always count on your friends
4) bloodshedding cries don’t get you nowhere
5) if one thing doesn’t turn your way, there are other things to look forward to
6) if you have tried your best in doing something, it doesn’t really matter what the outcome is. Sure, you wish for the best but if it turns the other way, it wouldn’t be that much of a difference because you know you have worked really hard

…But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.” 2:216

On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear.” 2:286


For once…

i’d like to write a well-written post when i’m happy.


Sayonara Jahiliyyah

and we say we live in a Civilized. Globalized. Independent. nation.

We’re GLOBALIZED, alright.

makes you wanna rethink uh?

i’m reminding myself first before anyone else.

should anyone benefited from this video, Alhamdulillah. May Allah leads us to the right path.


credits to Kak Hanis