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suke2! =)

=). tadi ada tazkirah lagi kat masjid. wee wee. =D

mari dengar analogi-analogi nih…

Amar Ma’ruf Nahi Mungkar – Preventing Evil and Doing Good is like 2 groups of people in a ship. Some people board on the upper deck and some goes to the bottom. Whenever the people at the bottom deck wants water, they will ask the people from the upper deck to send the water to them. At one point, some of the people at the lower deck will think, “Why do we need to bother about the people on the upper deck? We can dig a hole and take the water from there.”

If the people of the upper deck do not stop the people from the lower deck of this foolishness, the whole ship will sink and all of them will perish.

Go figure. πŸ˜‰

Humans – Humans are like water. Water takes shape of which it is put into. When you put water in a big bowl, it will take shape like a big bowl. When you put it in a bottle it will take shape like a bottle. Humans too take the shape of the environment they are put into. If someone said that he can live in an environment of fitnah, and also stay in masjid no problem, that is NOT true. When you spend more time in the environment that is not deen, obviously your heart will get attracted to that.

Therefore, spend more, if not SOME, of your time attending events learning Allah’s words. So that Allah will soften your heart in receiving His messages in the hope that you will not get engrossed while catching your goal in this temporary life when you know there is a whole other eternal life waiting when you leave this world. Which of course you will regret in the end, if you don’t prepare.


The 5 pillars of Islam.

That’s it?

Really, what do you think would make the roof, the walls, the paint, the air conditioner, the lamps (chandeliers, if you will) and the carpeting?

There’s more to Islam than just that.

The Prophet SAW spend 13 years preaching to people with only the shahadah. If it is just uttering “LailahaillAllah, Muhammadur Rasullullah” that makes a Muslim, why do you think the jahils in Mecca were so angry that they were willing to kill? that they were willing to torture?

There must be more to the shahadah than just uttering the kalimah.

The obligations that comes with it.

The responsibilities that should be borne.

If it is just that that we can easily enter the Jennah, why do you think The Prophet SAW and the companions would go through all the trouble?

4:150. Indeed, those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers and wish to discriminate between Allah and His messengers and say, “We believe in some and disbelieve in others,” and wish to adopt a way in between151. Those are the disbelievers, truly. And We have prepared for the disbelievers a humiliating punishment.

History is not something to be seen or to be gawk at or to be read. It is to be understood and to be learned. To understand the human course and their reasons of action. For we learn from them.

If we fail to see that, then it is indeed true that we are robots that have been programmed to contribute to the development of nations when some fine day will end up in the museum collecting dust and nothing more (Usul 20 29/9/07).



Reminders (2)

6:165. And it is He who has made you successors upon the earth and has raised some of you above others in degrees [of rank] that He may try you through what He has given you. Indeed, your Lord is swift in penalty; but indeed, He is Forgiving and Merciful.
7:69. Then do you wonder that there has come to you a reminder from your Lord through a man from among you, that he may warn you? And remember when He made you successors after the people of Noah and increased you in stature extensively. So remember the favors of Allah that you might succeed.

We stayed in the masjid for a while after terawikh just now. Usually there will be a brother who will be reading out hadiths but there was a tazkirah instead. The 2 ayats above are pretty much the gist of the tazkirah.

adoi… it was like i’ve been slapped in the face.

snapped out of the reverie, if you will. kicked in the guts.

it’s like through out the tazkirah my head was buzzing. taking in every word. quickly digesting. instantly looking back. reminiscing.

The Prophet SAW. Bilal RA. The legendary 4 Caliphs. The sahabats. Who sacrifice their all. All thinking of their obligatory deeds towards the deen first than anything else. not even the slightest moment did they think of the short-lived dunya. Subhanallah.

Humans were created to be His khalifahs. We were raised above other beings to be just that – His caliphs.

and yet we forget.

The brother then told the story about the state of Islam in Indonesia. From 95% Muslims in the country initially, the number went downhill. All due to the act of Christian missionaries. building hospitals and converting Muslims with the logic that Islam and Christians are not different. We believe in Jesus, just as Muslims.
How twisted is that? Where were the Muslims around? How come noone was there to explain?
Alhamdulillah, a number of concerned Muslims around came to Indonesia in calling people back to the true way of life and the Muslim percentage in Indonesia grew to 80%.

at this point my heart was already pounding hard. my shoulders suddenly felt heavy.

What have WE done so far as His caliph?
What have you done? What have I done???

What am I going to answer during the day of judgement???


Raihan – Damba CintaMu

Tuhanku ampunkanlah segala dosaku
Tuhanku maafkanlah kejahilan hambaMu

Ku sering melanggar laranganMu
Dalam sedar ataupun tidak
Ku sering meninggalkan suruhanMu
Walau sedar aku milikMu

Bilakah diri ini ‘kan kembali
Kepada fitrah sebenar
Pagi kuingat petang kualpa
Begitulah silih berganti

Oh Tuhanku,
Kau pimpinlah diri ini
Yang mendamba CintaMu
Aku lemah aku jahil
Tanpa pimpinan dariMu

Ku sering berjanji di depanMu
Sering jua ku memungkiri
Ku pernah menangis keranaMu
Kemudian ketawa semula

Kau pengasih
Kau penyayang
Kau pengampun
Kepada hamba-hambaMu

Selangkah ku kepadaMu
Seribu langkah Kau padaku

Diri ini tidak layak ke surgaMu
Tapi tidak pula aku sanggup ke nerakaMu

Kutakut kepadaMu
Ku mengharap jua padaMu
Mogaku ‘kan selamat dunia akhirat
Seperti rasul dan sahabat

Seperti rasul dan sahabat

Reminders. *poke, poke*

A compilation of reminders that have been read, watched, and experienced.

1) “Life is gonna knock you down sometimes, and that’s ok. But what’s NOT ok is when you let life KEEP you down” (Victor Baxter 2005)

2) Borrowing Sayyed Hassan Al Banna’s “Letter to A Muslim Student” words:

In the delights of life and pleasures of the world, you will see that which inclines the heart, impresses the mind, attracts the eye and bewilders those whose spirits are weak. Do not let these seduce you away from virtue and cause you to forget the Hereafter:

“Do not turn your eyes covetously towards the embellishments of worldly life that We have bestowed upon various kinds of people to test them. But the clean provision bestowed upon you by your Lord is better and more enduring. Enjoin Prayer on your household, and do keep observing it. We do not ask you for any worldly provision; rather, it is We Who provide you. The ultimate end is for piety” (Ta Ha 20: 131-2).

Be aware my dearest brother that in the sight of Allah (swt) all these pleasures weigh not even the wing of a gnat and lead neither to honor nor virtue. They are nothing but the manifestations of whims and pitfalls of seduction. So be careful not to let Satan deceive you, otherwise you will plunge into the abyss of sin and corruption.

Always remember the words of Allah (swt): “Men are naturally tempted by the lure of women, children, treasures of gold and silver, horses of mark, cattle and plantations. These are the enjoyments in the life of this world; but with Allah lies a goodly abode to return to” (Al Imran 3:14). The Book of Allah recites these facts day and night. So do not be amongst those who favor the worldly life over the Hereafter, or amongst those deceived by the outward appearance of things without considering their essence.

All pleasures brought by contemporary civilization will result in nothing other than pain. A pain that will overwhelm their enticement and remove their sweetness. So avoid the worldly aspects of these people; do not let it take over your command and deceive you, if you are to be among the successors.

Although you are known to us to be one that is trustworthy and decent, I have mentioned this to you, to caution you against the downfalls of sins so that your feet may never slip. And in your chastity let there be content and in your dignity let there be adequacy.

As for casinos, night-clubs, and other such places of vanity, your time is far too precious to be wasted in them. I have looked into the saying, time is made of gold, and I do not approve of it. Time is far more precious than gold, for time is life. Is it not true that your life is nothing but a few hours and you never know when they will end? Dearest brother, be stringent with your time and do not spend it except in that which is significant, and acquire pleasure in that which is lawful.

Be critical, with insight, and be just and well acquainted with people. Do not let your goodness draw you to forget their bad, and their bad hurt you to forget their goodness. Rather study them as would a researcher and an examiner. Encompass with knowledge all of their affairs, and then with an eye of insight, scrutinize it all. Present back the good that you find to your people and nation, and return with it victorious and supported. Other than that, throw it back on them and do not come back until you have dusted off your hands and emptied your mind of it all.

Dearest brother, be aware that calling the people through practical example is far better than calling them through speech. It is far more fruitful and beneficial to use your commendable character, the perfection of yourself and your straight manner to defend and call them to your religion and nation. Whenever an opportunity arises for you to deliver a speech or a lecture at one of their meeting places or societies, prepare yourself for it. Choose that which will not stir disorder and that which will not offend integrity. Do not be apprehended by their stance, because Allah’s aid is with those who are sincere. Be positive and do not insult other people’s beliefs instead, elucidate to them their innate goodness and reveal to them our beliefs. By doing so, you will have adequately promoted awareness and incentive.

3) Credits to

Ego prevents people from seeing differences. So true. sometimes, when you try to do good, there will be people who tends to condemn what you’re trying to do. questioning every step that you’re doing. At times, it’s cronstucting, other times it’s plain DEMOTIVATING.

In the end, it all comes down to 2 things:

a) Your intention in the first place.
b) Who is the ultimate JUDGE. (people’s judgment can only go so far.)

Conclusion : See things through Allah’s lenses and not humans’. Never give up. Muslims have one weapon which noone else has: Du’a.

40:60. And your Lord says, “Call upon Me; I will respond to you.” Indeed, those who disdain My worship will enter Hell [rendered] contemptible.

4) A wise friend says endlessly :

Manusia mendengar dengan mata. (Humans listen through their eyes).

In other words :

Walk the talk.

5) “Reminds me a story of two people meeting in fajr time. One was returning from prayer while the other was returning from a night of shameful activities. Both of them look at each other, assuming that the other was spending the night as they themselves had. Makes you think, if we suspect ill of others, maybe because that very illness is within ourselves. The truly pious are the ones who see the best in everyone while they consider themselves the worst. because when you can see yourself the worst then you can’t feel superior over anyone.” (Baba Ali, 2007)

6) Patience is virtue.

7) Eat when hungry, stop before full! =p. So, that you won’t feel sleepy during terawikh. Adehh…

8) oh, and thank you very much to Anonymous who commented in here.

Anonymous said…

semoga istiqamah insyaALLAH
redha ALLAH yg lebih utama

It stuck. =)


p/s: 2 weeks gone in a snap. don’t waste it anymore.

When euphoria sets in i write. =D

What I’ve been through these past few days.

1) swirling mixed emotions, clouding judgments. should i or should i not? is it correct or is it not? do i care or do i not? what to do and what not? will they be ok or will they not? haihhh… (All day)

2) experienced temporary euphoria with no apparent cause. yes, euphoric. felt like skipping all the way from Adelaide Mosque on the way back to TV. which i did. Thank you Simi and Mariah for the push. =D (20/9/2007)

3) had people walked right through while invisibility cloak was not worn. thank you for taking my smile away. (20/9/07)

4) watched MAGNIFICENT sky sight on the way to the mosque for 2 times now without capturing the beauty. ishk, if only battery does not need recharging. huhu. Subhanallah. He makes the simplest thing AMAZING. (can’t remember date)

5) trampled by emotions (everyday)

6) soaked in own stupidity. my bad. (16,18,19/9/07)

7) felt like a 7 year old again. this time, learning Arabic. fun fun fun! (20/9/07)

8) passed sahur for the first time. (19/9/07)

9) created a beeyooteefool card out of paper! proud proud proud! ;P (18/9/07)
: cards made not out of love does not turn out as good.


10) splashed water on face while wearing specs. heh. (in the morning ok? mamai lagi. huhu)

11) had WONDERFUL sahurs with housemates! who knew there exists such energy during the morning? Thank you Khai, Hazerq, Yani, Simi, Maria and Liza! πŸ˜€

12) hoped that none of my ramadhan days got wasted again. like this one time; day=upset, terawikh=sleepy. huhu. jgn2.


p/s: Sashi’s brother is in the hospital after a brain surgery. take care Sashi. I pray that your brother will get well real soon. πŸ™‚ . anything come over eh?

Jalan-Jalan Melihat Alam.

Torrens River, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.
Nak g tangkap gamba untuk Salam Perantauan sebenarnye. hik3. Anyways, enjoy!
Subhanallah, cantik gle ok? ;P


p/s: Downloadable version di Flickr

Ujian paling susah…

…adalah kesenangan & kelapangan masa.

kesenangan —> lalai, lupe, tido, berangan.

haihhh. bgn, alia bgn! Ramadhan nih…


Hari ini dalam Commercial Law I (Today in Commercial Law I).

Topic : Tort of Negligence (Lecture 8B)
Venue : Flentje Lecture Theatre
Time : 10 – 11 am
Main Point : Don’t you feel proud being a muslim?

a) You won’t fall off a cliff

b) You won’t lost an eye

c) You won’t drive into a truck (except if you don’t know the road rules; bak kate En Goudas (2007), using computerised accounting without understanding the manual accounting is like people who can drive but do not know the road rules. you’ll crash anyway).

Clearly stated in the holy Quran:

2:219. They ask you about wine and gambling. Say, “In them is great sin and [yet, some] benefit for people. But their sin is greater than their benefit.” And they ask you what they should spend. Say, “The excess [beyond needs].” Thus Allah makes clear to you the verses [of revelation] that you might give thought.

5:90. O you who have believed, indeed, intoxicants, gambling, [sacrificing on] stone alters [to other than Allah], and divining arrows are but defilement from the work of Satan, so avoid it that you may be successful.

5:91. Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. So will you not desist?


My point has nothing to do with people drinking. but to show how perfect Allah’s words are that He knows why everything is made halal or haram.

So, how far do we want to go making haram things halal? Nauzubillah.

don’t agree?

Look at the social illness around.

go. look.


p/s: extra read; Fakulito’s “Hidup di Bawah _____ al-Quran…”

of distractions…

When this all becomes a norm and we forget to count our blessings,
When all we think about is ourselves and not someone else,
When all we are sad about is the things that don’t matter,
When all we do is to be admired and to be seen,
When we own all while some others don’t,
That’s when we need a self check for we have forgotten.

Take a GOOD long look in the mirror. Think.


Anyhow, that is going into my anti-jahilliyah list – to not be sad of things that don’t matter. Astaghfirullahalazim. You’re sad because of that?! Where’s your sensitivity?

Wake up, Alia, wake up!

Do you know how many people around the world who are in hunger now? Adults and kids in Palestine who are defending their country without food and shelter? Rasullullah SAW and sahabats who went through greater trials and tribulations; who fought hard and gave their all, and all you are sad about is this? pffft. Tests comes in many shapes and ways. One way or another you have to get through them.

On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear.” 2:286

Please remember who gives you the first breath of air each morning. Be thankful that you’re here to live another day. Distractions are stupid. STUPID!

meminjam kata-kata Muhammad Ahmad Ar Rasyid.

β€œOrang yang tidak mampu berkorban demi mengejar cita-cita yang tinggi, maka dia tidak akan berani berhadapan dengan bahaya dan kesusahan. Orang yang hanya mencari kesenangan, keselesaan dan kemewahan semasa hidup di dunia ini nescaya akan mudah terpengaruh dengan suasana, tunduk kepada tekanan dan hanyut oleh arus. Mereka tidak dapat menyumbangkan sebarang jasa di dalam sejarah kemanusiaan. Tidak ada sesiapapun yang mampu melukiskan sejarah kecuali pahlawan-pahlawan yang gagah berani. Mereka itulah yang telah merubah arus perjalanan hidup manusia dengan jihad dan pengorbanan mereka dan merekalah yang merubah corak pemikiran dunia.”

Copied from FUSSILAT 2007.


Ramadhan Preparation Checklist.

[*] Fasting Niat
[*] Clean Room
[ ] Anti-Jahiliyyah checklist
[ 1/2*] Ability to get up super early
[*] Food (wt…?)
[ ] Card to be sent home
[*] Ramadhan Spirit
[*] Reread fiqh Fasting
[*] Welcoming the month with open and joyous heart. weeee.
[*] A plan to make this Ramadhan the best yet. Physical, mental, spiritual-wise. who’s to say that i’ll live till the next Ramadhan?
[*] gamba Salam Perantauan. ;P

Oh, and i’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to everyone for anything that i’ve done wrong or words that may have hurt your feelings while reading this blog. 0-0 eh? πŸ™‚ Let’s double, triple our ibadah and let go of all the distractions around; Friendster, Multiply, YM, Youtube. (errr… blogging too, i guess.) unless if they are used for the benefit of the ummah. πŸ˜€

β€œAnd I (Allaah) created not the jinns and humans except that they should worship Me (Alone).” [al-Dhaariyaat 51:56]

Anti Jahiliyyah suggestions :
a) Eat when hungry, stop before full
b) Cook moderately
c) No Youtubing unless the videos add value to our knowledge
d) No Gossipping
e) No Procrastinating (adeh…)
f) No Asar sleeping

Any other suggestions are very much welcomed in the comment section. I need all the reminders i can get. πŸ™‚

May all these last throughout and not just during Ramadhan, Ameen.


p/s: 70 matters related to fasting