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The Heart.

The heart is craving for something that might not be there
The heart is needing for something that does not last
The heart is starving for the thing it probably will not get
The heart is liking the feeling that is not allowed
The heart is crying for it to be hers


The heart forgets who own all hearts
The heart thinks her heart can work on its own
The heart is afraid to ask its Creator what it wants.

and now it has stopped thinking on its own.

The heart wants to apologise for something it did. It really is sorry.


9 129. But if they turn away, [O Muhammad], say, “Sufficient for me is Allah; there is no deity except Him. On Him I have relied, and He is the Lord of the Great Throne.”

42: 25. And it is He who accepts repentance from his servants and pardons misdeeds, and He knows what you do.

67:13 Whether you keep your utterances secret, or declare them, He is fully aware of the innermost thoughts.


We’re just friends.

Ask Baba Ali – “We’re Just Friends”

This video touches about the boy/girl relationship issue but there are things other than the topic that you can take note. Enjoy. =)

since He created us, He knows our temptations, He knows our instinct, He knows our needs. So it only make sense for the creations to follow the guidelines of The Creator. He’s given us paths so its up to you to make the right decision. You see, some paths are easier than the others but they come with consequences.

The reality is, following the straight path is extremely hard, but then again, the price to Jennah isn’t cheap. Although the haram path is easier and tempting, it’s only temporary. This whole life is only temporary and nothing more than a trial. but the Hereafter is forever. Remember that.


Our life is a series of transitions.

From tiny infants we become kids.
From little kids we grow to be teenagers.
and a while after,
we eventually age into adults.

Life is also about changes.
And spiritually.

At some point certain things DO have to change,
like it or not.
For the better or for worse,
it depends entirely on us.

As we grow older,
changing sometimes becomes excruciatingly challenging.

It’s not because of why we change.
Nor does it because of the hardship of changing.
It is because of the surrounding who bear witness to the changes.

It seems like
the closer you feel you are to your Creator,
the more distant you feel with some of His living creations.

There is a lot less smiles from them unlike before.
A lot less warmth than before.

Sometimes, it hurts so bad you would start reevaluating the change.
whether things are worth changing.
And though you have think over countless times,
you know that you are changing to what is right.

All you can do is confide in Him,
cry before Him,
and pray that He will make you stronger.
because you know,
as the people before your time had known,
that the road to His good End is never going to be a smooth sailing.


March forward, whether light or heavy, strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the cause of Allah. That is better for you, if only you knew. 9:41


Menerima Islam Bukan Bererti Menguntungkan Allah.
Selanjutnya, bila sesuatu yang diberikan Allah kepada anda, anda pakai untuk mengerjakan sesuatu yang diperintahkanNya, anda sebenarnya tidaklah memberikan keuntungan bagi sesiapa pun; tidak bagi Allah, tidak pula bagi orang lain. Bila anda memberikan sesuatu, atau bahkan mengorbankan hidup anda, demi Dia – hal ini mungkin bagi anda adalah sesuatu yang sangat besar – maka anda tidaklah mendatangkan keuntungan bagi seseorang pun. Apa yang terjadi paling-paling hanyalah anda kehilangan atau mengorbankan sesuatu yang telah diberikan Allah. Apakah ini sesuatu yang dapat dibanggakan dan harus memperoleh pujian dan dijadikan dasar untuk mengakui kebesaran seseorang? Anda hendaklah menyedari bahawa seorang Muslim sejati tidak akan pernah merasa bangga kerana memberikan sesuatu untuk suatu hal yang dikehendaki oleh Allah atau kerana menerjakan suatu pekerjaan untukNya. Sebaliknya, seharusnya ia akan merasa makin rendah hati. Kerana, kebanggaan menghilangkan nilai suatu perbuatan yang baik. Barangsiapa yang melakukan suatu perbuatan yang baik dengan maksud untuk memperoleh pujian atau penghargaan tidak berhak untuk memperoleh pahala dari Allah. Kerana, ia hanya mencari imbalan di dunia ini dan telah mendapatkannya di dunia ini.

p47 Manhaj Hidup Muslim, Syed Qutb & Maududi

Niat = intention.
Muslims act with intention.
Good intention.
Lillahi ta’ala.

Sometimes, during the course of action, intention changes without notice.
The mind fails to prioritize why one is doing what she is doing.

This is due to the heart, which sometimes yearns to be seen.
and heard.
and valued.

We sometimes starts off with Him in mind and later get fond of the praises around for doing good things.

What I’m saying is
Every now and then, let’s check our niat.
Make sure what we’re doing is for Him, and Him ONLY.