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Scribble #8

Went on a drive down memory lane yesterday to Shah Alam’s Seksyen 17 & 18 after class.

INTEC life was the life i have once sworn to forget.
But then again, forgetting your past means forgetting a part of yourself.
And forgetting a part of yourself shows arrogance to what Allah has perfectly planned for you.

It is good to remember how you used to be so you may become thankful to Allah on what you have become.
If you have been struggling to become a better abid to Allah and a person that is.

wakuntum ala shafa hufratim minannari faanqazakum minha
And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He (Allah) saved you from it

Memories of the past should humble you before Allah.
Memories of the past should teach you to be patient and forgiving in dealing with others.
Memories of the past should make you realise that Allah holds your heart no other can.
Memories of the past shows change can happen if you want it and Allah will make it easy upon you.

And Memories of the past has indeed proven the ayah ‘Layukallifullahu nafsan illa wusaha’ Allah does not burden you more than you can bear’ since you have made it this far. In this, you will find courage and strength on what is to come for as long as you do it for His sake.

Indeed, He is the best planner.

May Allah guide our steps ahead. Ameen.

p/s: was at KIBAR Shah Alam yesterday also. Subhanallah, learning Arabic is the best!


Scribble #7

Lessons learnt:

Your story may not have such a happy beginning but that does not make you who you are. It is the rest of your story, who do you choose to be.

Inner peace.


Tarbiyyah dari Allah setiap hari.

Fabiayyiala irabbikuma tukazziban?
Maka nikmat Tuhan yang manakah kamu dustakan?

Scribble #6

Meeting akhawat is therapeutic. Meeting akhawat before iftar is doubly therapeutic. To cook with them for the sake of Allah is unbelievably therapeutic.


Now back to assignments.

Infiruu khifafan wa tsiqalan! March forward, light or heavy!

Scribble #5

What a day. 🙂

Spent time with officemates’ children during majlis doa selamat for 3 hours.
Subhanallah, what  joy and calm they bring to your heart!

It’s Jumuah. Suratul Kahfi lets!
Usrah is tomorrow as well.

How wonderful what Allah has in His plan, before tough days at uni.

Scribble #4

Of iblis arrogance.

When Allah SWT created Prophet Adam AS, Allah SWT asked iblis to prostrate before Adam AS.

Iblis arrogantly refused saying,
ana khayrumminhu, khalaqtani min narin, wa khalaqtahu min tinin,
I am better than him (Adam AS), You created me from fire and him You created from clay.

And Iblis was then banished from heaven and promised to lead other children of Adam AS astray until the day of judgement.

Iblis has no problem in worshiping Allah.

Imprinted in the Quran is him saying:
inni barii umminka, inni akhafullaha rabbal alamin
Indeed, I dissassociated from you, indeed, i fear Allah, rabbal alamin.
after he has lead a son of Adam AS astray.


Moral: Please do not repeat Iblis mistake to other children of Adam AS. Modern day arrogance can include:

a) I studied overseas, you studied local
b) I can speak well, you stutter
c) I can do this, you don’t
d) I own this, you don’t own anything
e) How come his idea was heard and not mine?
f) How was he chosen instead of me?
g) and it goes on to any range of thoughts.

Let’s keep our hearts check at all times. Arrogance can affect anyone, even with people who attends weekly halaqah/usrah. Renew our niat at all times. Always look at others with mercy. Fear Allah SWT.

May Allah SWT protect us from the evil whispers of iblis.

Scribble #3

Just spent a record breaking 12 hours in the library. Tired. A little bit more to go.

Presentation tomorrow, 2 write ups due this week and next, a case study, mid term exam around the corner, 2.5 hrs drive back home tomorrow, work on Thursday.

And my best moment of the day is still reciting Allah’s book.


Falaa uqsimu bimawaki innujum. Wa innahu laqasamullaw ta’lamu na azim. Innahu laquranun kareem. Fi kitabim maknun.

Scribble #2

In our daily journey, Allah places 5 stops for you to refueled.
Those stops are your solah.

Refueled well.

May Allah SWT grants us the gift of khusyu’ in performing them. May He accept our ibadah.

Scribble #1

Be grateful and thankful to Allah for the gifts that He has given you. If you do, He will give you more. If you don’t, you won’t ever feel that you have enough.

Contempt is the matter of the heart; not the things you strut.

~ Ya Allah, make us as syakirin who are always thankful in whatever that You gave us, with little or with more. Make us the people who will always be the upper hands. Make us feel contempt of everything that You grant us.