Scribble #4

Of iblis arrogance.

When Allah SWT created Prophet Adam AS, Allah SWT asked iblis to prostrate before Adam AS.

Iblis arrogantly refused saying,
ana khayrumminhu, khalaqtani min narin, wa khalaqtahu min tinin,
I am better than him (Adam AS), You created me from fire and him You created from clay.

And Iblis was then banished from heaven and promised to lead other children of Adam AS astray until the day of judgement.

Iblis has no problem in worshiping Allah.

Imprinted in the Quran is him saying:
inni barii umminka, inni akhafullaha rabbal alamin
Indeed, I dissassociated from you, indeed, i fear Allah, rabbal alamin.
after he has lead a son of Adam AS astray.


Moral: Please do not repeat Iblis mistake to other children of Adam AS. Modern day arrogance can include:

a) I studied overseas, you studied local
b) I can speak well, you stutter
c) I can do this, you don’t
d) I own this, you don’t own anything
e) How come his idea was heard and not mine?
f) How was he chosen instead of me?
g) and it goes on to any range of thoughts.

Let’s keep our hearts check at all times. Arrogance can affect anyone, even with people who attends weekly halaqah/usrah. Renew our niat at all times. Always look at others with mercy. Fear Allah SWT.

May Allah SWT protect us from the evil whispers of iblis.


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