Scribble #8

Went on a drive down memory lane yesterday to Shah Alam’s Seksyen 17 & 18 after class.

INTEC life was the life i have once sworn to forget.
But then again, forgetting your past means forgetting a part of yourself.
And forgetting a part of yourself shows arrogance to what Allah has perfectly planned for you.

It is good to remember how you used to be so you may become thankful to Allah on what you have become.
If you have been struggling to become a better abid to Allah and a person that is.

wakuntum ala shafa hufratim minannari faanqazakum minha
And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He (Allah) saved you from it

Memories of the past should humble you before Allah.
Memories of the past should teach you to be patient and forgiving in dealing with others.
Memories of the past should make you realise that Allah holds your heart no other can.
Memories of the past shows change can happen if you want it and Allah will make it easy upon you.

And Memories of the past has indeed proven the ayah ‘Layukallifullahu nafsan illa wusaha’ Allah does not burden you more than you can bear’ since you have made it this far. In this, you will find courage and strength on what is to come for as long as you do it for His sake.

Indeed, He is the best planner.

May Allah guide our steps ahead. Ameen.

p/s: was at KIBAR Shah Alam yesterday also. Subhanallah, learning Arabic is the best!


2 thoughts on “Scribble #8

  1. Salam, Alia. lama akak tak baca blog Alia. tiba2 rindu teringat Alia, so baca blog Alia nk tahu keadaan.. ni mesti BZ tak sempat update ye sekarang.. Alia buat apa dah skrg? seronok tak kat Malaysia.. Doakan akak di sini.. insyaAllah, akak bakal BFG bulan April/May 2013 ni.. tak sabar nk jumpa Alia dan akhawat2 lain..
    Ukhuwah fillah, Inni uhibbuki fillah abadan abada..
    -Ummu Naufal/Nasihah- Adelaide 28/11/2012 10.04am

  2. scholesyfynn says:

    Wslm akak~ =)
    huhu. sama la, rindu betul pada Adelaide dan seiinya. haah, skrg busy. weekends alia ke s.alam sambung belajar. tapi alia still duduk kat ipoh. seronok tu seronok la. tapi mmg mencabar la personally. ups dan down tu dah macam biasa dah, kerja, belajar, family and D & T. tapi semuanya mematangkan, iA. =)

    wah, tak sabar tunggu akak! akak, alia tgk gambar akak, akak dah tembam kat pipi. hihi.
    Uhibbuki fillah aidhon, ukhti. ❤ Nanti dah balik beritahu ye. nak jumpa naufal and nak picit pipi chihah. ^^

    Doakan Alia ye.

    Alia [ 29/11/12 8.25pm ]

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