Scribble #13 – Gila!

I can’t sleep. I kept thinking about all the killing news of late.

I think day by day people are getting desensitised to their humanity. People are so self absorbed with only themselves to a point that they see other people as nothing more than walking fleshes than actual human beings with feelings and families.

I think screens primarily do that to us. We watch so much and got accustomed with all the gory and inappropriate things we see, eventhough we feel somewhat uncomfortable at first. (Guess what? That’s the fitrah Allah instilled in all of us. It’s human nature that we don’t like to see things that are naturally bad for us. But we watched them anyway until our hearts become so desensitised.)

If we hold ourselves to higher standards in life, we won’t be looking at guys and girls like they are just pieces of flesh for us to feast our eyes on. Nor talking about pornography like we’re discussing about football! And definitely won’t be killing people like we’re swatting flies away!

Seriously, gila!

Basic humanity calls for respect for others and their lives.  What more if you are a Muslim which calls for your sense of haya’.

Ya Allah, ease the sufferings of the victims’ families.

Ya Allah, protect us, our families and our communities. Make us people of purpose in life.


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