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When a possible future accountant turned into house room wall painter slash home bedroom decorator. =P

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

After all the hard work…

I love my new room! =P
I’m having so much fun this holidays. lalalala~



The one with all the ‘the’s.

It’s been exactly a week now since I arrived at home. been wanting to write but i’ve been lazy as well. =D
Let’s have a week recap since the 0500 (Adelaide) 9/12/2007.

The Journey (9/12/2007)

The Incredible

  • – It’s a flight back home!
  • – Our sent off was like a multi million dollar Hollywood movie premiere! The people, the cameras. hehe. minus the red carpet, though. πŸ˜› Banyak rupenye manusia Adelaide yg pergi Sydney pagi tuh.
  • – I got a window seat on my flight to KL! Well, technically, I purposely sat on someone else’s seat. πŸ˜› Mine was supposed to be the aisle; next to him. the guy came in late, so I sat on his, saje2 nak tgk whats outside (niat mmg nak duk situ pun and mintak tuka nanti. :P). He came and made this funny ‘uiks’ sound and saw my puppy-eyed look wanting the window seat, and he let me. haha. He’s so nice! Found out he’s studying Criminology in Brisbane.
  • – There’s this one Muslim guy at the custom, where you put all your things through whatever machine that is so they can look inside your bag??? yeah, he’s really nice. He made my day. He was really friendly too.
  • – The mocha i had before we went to the boarding room. yum!

The OK

  • – The 1 hour flight to Sydney was OK. I slept throughout. hehe. Sedar2 je da sampai.
  • – When you arrive at KLIA, you really wouldn’t have thought that KLIA is a state of the art airport. from outside, KLIA just looks like warehouses holding planes. but when you go inside though, it’s a whole other story.

The Bad

  • – We didn’t have any in flight meal. =( . imagine, the guy next to me just sit there, happily munching his food. sigh. he even had an on flight entertainment box! jeles btul.
  • – the flight to KL was literally pain in the butt. isk3. 8 hours on air really get to you. sigh. other than peeking at the window and seeing magnificent clouds, I only do what any other human being can do when sandwiched between the plane wall and a guy. We humans call it, sleeping. even sleeping can make you restless when you have had too much of it. 😦
  • – My PVA glue was taken away. =( I miss it already.
  • – Oh, my luggage was initially 23 kg. So, i kinda had to open it and take out some stuffs out. cis2.

The weird

  • – Seeing people all around wearing tudung and cakap melayu. hahahaha. ini mmg poyo habes. tak sampai setahun da lupe diri. tapi mmg serius pelik. =))
  • – here’s my conversation with Pak cik RHB: “Encik, nak mintak tukar ke Malaysian Dollar” Pak cik RHB: “Malaysian dollar ye dik? Baik.” hahahaha. πŸ˜›

heh. Anyways, it was a worthy journey after all.
and I thought when i’m back at home, i can have everything my way… sigh…
i thought wrong…

I remember during Wida’ the other day, akak2 ade cakap “ujian kat Malaysia lagi hebat.”
Well, I never really understood what they meant until I landed home.

The Music
I haven’t been listening to music for some 6 months now, well, at least not heavy music, and listening to it for the first time in the car on my way home from KLIA really made me want to jump out and punch the radio. It really kinda hurts and I don’t know why. It’s like deep inside someone was silently putting needles on me. The music was so much noise. I really don’t know how to describe the feeling. I mean, i think the song was an old song and i think i used to like it, but listening to it this time round hurts so much. πŸ˜•

The Ridiculous
TV kinda have been my best friend for most of my livehood until it betrays me on 7/2/2007 and since. In the absence of TV, all I have is my laptop to keep me company.
I mean, you know when you have a laptop, and you get bored, you turn on to Youtube for sometime. and you kinda find something that you like and kinda get oblivious to the “new” shows popping up around.
So, i got home, and thought i’d make up with TV.
and all i can say is that TV shows in Malaysia are getting downright ridiculous. no, seriously. ridiculous.
Shows imitation can only go so far. and with copies of Idols and western TV shows Malaysia has tirelessly tried copying, Astro’s whatever Dansa thing came down to downright pathetic. I mean, seriously! What is up with Malaysian TV shows? and I saw a commercial for AXN’s Men vs Beast? REALLY?! Why go down to their level?

and it is when I first saw TomTomBak that reality hits me, hidup kite ni mmg da jauh sgt dari Tuhan kan? i mean, feeding children with that kind of images, the notions of life, the fun?
Children are to be mould to lead the future, and if that is what the life it portrays to kids around, I wonder what the children would want to be when they grow older? singers? artists? artists worshipers?
imagine that 4 year olds can memorise all AF singers name. sigh.

The great
My first day was kinda sucky. Biase la kan, mmg pelik sungguh la kalau ajak solat jemaah. and among all the people in the house I thought my bro would understand, sebab die kat MRSM and everything kan and he’s an LDP too. and first day hari tuh, mase ajak solat for the 3rd time rasenye, die tension sket and he replied, “apehal ko da berubah ni?!”.
Adoi, you can’t imagine how hurtful it was. and i went down to my room and cried for an hour. mase tu ingat da nak give up tapi bukan akhlak Rasulullah la kan kalau da give up on the first day. Alhamdulillah the second day ajak untuk solat Asar kot, ke Zohor ntah, he complied. =D hehe. sgt seronok. and then for the next 2 days tu Alhamdulillah solat same2 lagi. tapi yg paling best, abah nampak ktorg da solat jemaah first few days tu, so die ajak solat Subuh jemaah, everyday, satu family. hik3. seronok! tapi pg tadi abah terlelap rasenye sebab penat kemas2 brg kat atas, so ktorg tak solat jemaah Subuh hari nih. hehehehe.

First task, Done! Alhamdulillah.

and I think among the things that I have done during this one week holidays, the solat thing was the best thing that happened! =D Doakan kami istiqamah. weee.

haih… gotta go get some sleep.


Bye2 Tommy. T_T

Mum said he’s been sick for a while now. bladder problem. and he died today around 1pm.
May you rest in peace, Tommy.


3 more days…

tadi hantar Kak Pijah kat airport.

i kinda hate airports. being in one always made me cry.
it’s either I’m sending people off away from me or I’m the one going away from others.
either way, both stinks.

Time sure flies.
In the blink of an eye, I’m now only 3 days short before I’m off to Malaysia, ending my first year here in Adelaide.

Banyak sangat memori tahun ni.
Banyak sangat ilmu yg dapat.
Banyak ukhuwah yg terbina.
Banyak sumer la…

Dalam hati yg gembira sebab bakal pulang kepangkuan keluarga, sedih sangat sebenarnya nak tinggalkan Adelaide. esp. kepada akak2 final year.

Igtkan hari tuh nak tinggalkan Adelaide dengan takde perasaan sebab hati still sedih disakiti hari tu. tapi Pemegang Hati tu Maha Kuasa. Dalam 2 hari je kasih tu terasa semula. kemesraan tu terbit sendiri. minta maaf saya selalu diamkan diri. saye mmg jenis yg susah nak ckp dengan org.

Being the only JPA scholar yg tinggal kat TV tahun nih terasa jugakla macam terasing sorg2. Tapi alhamdulillah, kesungguhan akak2 ajak pergi program tak pernah luntur.

Terima kasih Kak Izzati sebab tak pernah putus asa message – ajak pergi jaulah autumn and autumn gath mase mula2 datang dulu. walaupon Alia sorg tinggal TV.
Kalau Kak Izzati tak ajak dulu, Alia tak tahu kat mane Alia sekarang. mesti dah lalai sangat2 kat bumi asing nih.
Terima kasih sebab pinjamkan duit g winter trip jugak mase Alia tengah kering duit sebab bayar The Village.
Winter trip sgt best.
The accident was the best thing that happened during the trip. Tak pernah Alia rase close macam tu dengan org. Susah senang bersama.
Winter trip jugaklah turning point untuk Alia.
Terima kasih banyak2.

Terima kasih Kak Hanis sebab tolong angkat sleeping bag mase habes Autumn Gath. Banyak sgt nak berterima kasih kat akak nih.
terima kasih sebab slalu sabar dengan mood saye yg tak menentu.
terima kasih sebab slalu sudi mendengar masalah saye even selepas saye dah dilepaskan dari tanggungjawab akak. saye rase dalam byk2 org, akak kot yg byk tahu problems saye dr mule2 smpi skrg.
terima kasih jugak atas segala nasihat.
dan terima kasih sebab tak putus asa dengan saye.
insyaAllah jumpe tahun depan. saye doakan. =)

Ahli usrah baru.
Terima kasih sebab banyak tolerate dengan Alia. Alia tak cukup ilmu lagi. Kadang2 bile bersama dengan korg Alia terasa jauh ketinggalan. Minta maaf menyusahkan. Terima kasih selalu bersama. Terima kasih Kak Kay sebab selalu make time untuk kami walaupun akak bakal ada tanggungjawab lain tak lama lagi.
Terima kasih sebab sudi mendengar.
Terima kasih sebab slalu bawa kami jalan2.
Semoga segala urusan akak dipermudahkanNya next year. insyaAllah kami tolong jadi baby-sitter tahun depan. πŸ˜‰

Akak2 lain. tak dpt nak sebut name sorang2 sebab sumer sgt berjasa. byk sangat untuk dilistkan.
terima kasih sebab sanggup meluangkan mase buat program2. ajak saye. tegur2 saye. terasa sangat2 disayangi.
masak2 untuk saye. T_T .
yang tak lupe kami di TV – amik kami ke Khalil mosque.
yang slalu drive saye ke sane sini.
yang slalu bg makanan (org kampung kan… tak cukop makanan).
yang bawak g crabbing, St kilda, strawberry picking, winter trip, winter gath, autumn gath.
yang ajak pergi makan2 kat rumah, tido2 kat rumah.
terime kasih byk2. T_T.

terima kasih ajar Alia untuk sayang org lain lebih dari sayang diri sendiri.
terima kasih ajar Alia kemanisan hidup apabila diri dekat dengan Pencipta.

Jumpe kat Malaysia nanti, iA. =)

8: 63. And brought together their hearts. If you had spent all that is in the earth, you could not have brought their hearts together; but Allah brought them together. Indeed, He is Exalted in Might and Wise.

oh ye, terima kasih untuk inheritance anda.
sape yg nak bg barang to lift their load lg, saye ade. =D

Alia syg akak2 sumer. Doakan Alia sentiasa kuat and tak mudah falter. T_T

to housemates. townhouse 46, you guys rock!
Although i won’t be seeing you everyday next year (anymore, in Simi’s case), i hope everything will turn out great with you guys. thank you for putting up with me for this one whole year.

Mariah, Khai n Hazerq, mintak maaf slalu amik knood korg. heee. tapi terima kasih jugak lah. hehe. thank you for the lasagne you guys made me when i told you i might be moving, which turn out, i did not. Thank you for the birthday celebration. It was really fun. =) I still owe you guys 1 cake. insyaAllah next year Alia langsaikan. tk good care of yourselves.

Liza, thank you for the nasik goreng on the first day we met. thank you for putting up with the noise pollution mase first sem dulu. 2nd sem da kurang kan? hehe. anyways, stay strong eh? and selamat bekerja!

Yani and Nasha. thanx for everything. Yanie – garam. hehe. all the talks. I’m sincerely sorry for the things i’ve said if it hurts you. Nasha yang selalu takde kat rumah. hehe. pas2 ckp da lame tak jumpe. thanx. =D. i’ll see you guys again next year.

Simi. what can i say. you taught me a lot this year – the mashed potato, the dhal and the curry. ;p thank you very much for your company. i enjoyed it very much. the neat freak who always wants the kitchen clean. and an expert sand sculpture. ;p I’ll definitely miss you next year. take care Simi. Won’t forget you. Thank you for the constant patience in living with 7 insane girls. and the food, of course. Love you. =)

Zahira – heh. asyik nak bergamba je. iA i’ll send you your pics next year. thanx for keeping me company also. enjoyed it very much. minta maaf if in times of my company, Alia mcm takde perasaan. mungkin hati tgh sakit fikir bende lain mase tuh. and thanx for making me go places Alia malas pergi. hoho. museum la, port adelaide la. haha. iA kalo jumpe lagi, kte g Botanical Garden n RAH eh? haha.

rakan2 sebatch. what can i say? we finished our first year! Alhamdulillah. jumpe tahun depan, iA.

oh ye, rakan2 yg mengambil BF II sem ni. haha. it’s been torture, i know. terima kaseh sebab membantu. esp mase buat assignment. hahaha. last2, markah final tak jauh… lol. and we passed! Alhamdulillah. =D
kepada yg bakal mengambil BF II, Good Luck! hehe.

Thank you to everyone for making my first year a memorable one. Though, it didn’t go with my heart unscratched and my feelings untorn, this year taught me heaps of stuffs about life.

and most importantly, Thank you Allah for letting our paths crossed meet. May from this point onwards, we will go on a straight path together towards YOU.

Epilog Seorang Teman – Amar

Aku bersyukur menjadi temanmu
Banyak yang telah ku pelajari erti kehidupan
Ukhuwah yang sekian lama terjalin
Semurni embunan pagi

Perjalanan kita masih jauh
Rentasi segala ranjau serta onak berduri
Hanya ketabahan dan keimanan di hati
Mengatasi segalanya

Ku cuba memahami dirimu
Agar persahabatan kekal utuh bersatu
Ku sedar betapa cekalnya hatimu
Menhadapi ujian Allah Yang Satu

Akal budi sinar peribadi
Madah indahmu tidak akan daku lupakan
Kau sering mengingatkan diri ini
Tiada kemanisan hidup tanpa keimanan

Ya Allah Oh Tuhan kami
Seiringkanlah perjalanan ini
Mengharungi hidup penuh pancaroba
Mencari kasih Mu

Berkatilah persahabatan kami ini
Buat selamanya
Oh Tuhanku